Northeast Iowa Family STEM Festival - Cresco

The Northeast Iowa Family STEM Festival will occur Thursday, April 11, 2019 from 4:00 - 7:00 PM in Cresco. 


The festival is free and open to the public. The goals of the STEM festival are to promote, inspire and engage youth in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics activities and to introduce students and parents to STEM careers in the community.


Past exhibitors and their STEM activities


STEM Activity


"Girls Who Code"- Coding activity

Cardboard Robot

"Cardboard Robot Maker Shop"- We will bring MakeDo cardboard construction kits. They're reusable plastic screws that can join sections of scrap cardboard to make anything and everything.

Donlon Pharmacy & Toy Jungle

Kids experience force, energy, and motion with wheels, motors, water and ramps through K'NEX kits.
Kids will have opportunities to:
-decide size of wheels and change ramp angles to adjust speed of cars.
-create simple machines with pulleys and gears
- investigate renewable energy with wind and hydro power.
Staff will educate kids about force, energy, and motion during hands-on activities and help them relate to real world applications. Most kits are pre-built. Building is available, too.

Farm Bureau-Agriculture in the Classroom

I will have the kids make a Farm Fact Finder that the youth can play with their friends.  It has questions and answers on some of the commodities from a farm. It is made out of paper and you fold it in such a way that you can spell out words and then you flip open the last letter and you have your answer.

Girl Scouts of Eastern Iowa and Western Illinois

Kids will be able to build race cars out of Legos working the race car design challenge badge

Green Iowa AmeriCorp

We will have a Trifold poster with information on who we are and what we do. We will also have hands on activities for the kids to do. All materials needed will be provided by our team. The activity will include either a "mock weatherization" or use of our thermal camera to explain heat loss and heat difference. It would be nice to be next to or near a window to be able to show heat difference. We also have a light board that shows the wattage for CFL, LED, and Incandescent.

Iowa BIG North

"Bug List"- We will have students write a bug list and start thinking about solutions.

Iowa Dairy Center

"Robotic Milking"- Live Stream of Robotic Milking occurring at the NICC Dairy Center.

Iowa Public Television 

We will be talking about the life of stars and sending home a star wheel chart about constellation for everyone. 

Iowa State University Extension & Outreach 4-H

Provide hands-on activities with some "make and take" items.

ITC Midwest

"Electricity and Magnetism Demo"- We will be using Snap Circuit to demo electricity and magnetism.  Using snap together building pieces to assemble different electronic circuits using an electrical meter, electromagnets, electric motor/generator, lamps, switches, a compass, and electrodes.

Keystone Area Education Agency

Planetarium Show

Keystone Area Education Agency

A wide variety of robots from the Keystone AEA collection will be available for use by participants of all ages. They can drive the robots and learn about programming via free apps. The robots include the new Minion, Miposaur, and CoderMip. Join our exhibit for lots of fun.

Luther College National Science Teachers Association Campus Chapter

"How Windy Are You?: Making a Lung Model"- Students will build and test a lung model (make and take). Students will use a disposable pop bottle, straw, clay, and balloon to build this model. Students can then test their lung strength using a kestrel wind meter. Safety considerations include preschool-aged children not having access to uninflated balloons as well as a sign warning about latex balloons. We will help monitor and guide students through the construction process. Basic vocab (trachea, lung, and diaphragm) will be addressed.

Northeast Iowa Community College: Electrical

Basic AC/DC trainer and wiring

Northeast Iowa Community College: Automotive Technology Program

"Interactive Automotive Electrical Circuits"- Going to build and test electrical circuits.

Northeast Iowa Community College: Nursing

We will have a container of colored water and syringes for the students to draw up colored water. We will have tours of Sim Center.

Northeast Iowa Community College: Electricity and Magnetism 

Students will have the opportunity to learn about electricity and magnetism through a demonstration and hands-on activity.

Northeast Iowa Community College: Simulation Health Lab

Students will tour the simulation health lab which will include using the simulator to listen to heart, different lung sounds and pulses. Students will see adult, pediatric and infant simulator.

Rockwell Collins

i pads for flying a plane

South Winneshiek High School- Lighting Legends FTC

"Robotics is Cool"- We will bring our competition robot to show and another one for everyone to drive.  We want to tell everyone about the program and hand will have information available.

Upper Iowa University Department of STEM

Robotics, Cryptology,  Computer Programming, Games, Virtual Reality

Winneshiek County Sheriff's Office

"Law Enforcement Technology and Canine Tactics" -We will be explaining and demonstrating the technology in the squad cars and doing canine demonstrations.