Past Exhibit Examples

University of Wisconsin- Platteville: School of Education- Engaged students in various challenges making table bubbles. Making table bubbles allows students of all ages to test procedures, collect data and use measuring and math skills. The science of bubbles will be displayed but the main focus will be on testing procedures, data collection and 21st Century Skills.


FIRST Robotics Team 171- Robots for kids to explore and 3D printers.



University of Northern Iowa STEM- A UNI Mascot has been Panthermapped! Used multiple areas of science and technology to analyze the evidence left at the scene of the crime and reunite us with our beloved Panther!


Farmtek-Spaghetti and Marshmallows to have the kids create trusses demonstrating how different shapes create different strengths.


LED throwie kits - cheery glow-dots you can make in seconds from simple components and stick to any ferro-magnetic surface.

LED throwie kits

Hands on activity where students can grind different small grains to see how crops are processed into food for consumption. CAD program to explain how tractors are designed.

John Deere table explaining the CAD program

photo of John Deere Exhibit

Ignition & Radius - digital courses that use online gaming and simulations.

Ignition and Radius- digital courses table

Alka-Seltzer Rockets.

Alka-Seltzer Rockets

LED or Fluorescent energy bike - displays how much energy is required to make the two different types of light bulbs work properly.

LED energy bikes

EKG and blood pressures

EKG and blood pressure demonstrations

Building towers with wooden blocks to see how it stands up to wind forces (fan).

wooden block towers with standing wind force

Demonstration of the principles of a hydraulic system using water instead of hydraulic oil. Explanation how these principles are applied in machines like a tractor.

principles of hydraulic systems

Marshmallow catapult launching activity. Participants brainstorm with a partner, assemble a catapult based on their idea, and then test. They then problem solve to think of what design changes might improve the distance of their launch.

A wheel of fortune with questions relating to the anatomy of a skeleton.

Skeleton anatomy wheel of fortune game

EAB display and information about monarch caterpillars - showing their life cycle and migration map. Activity: making a caterpillar that turns into a butterfly re-enforcing the life cycle of insects.

Matching activities regarding matching amounts of ingredients with pudding cups with different candies and cookies in them as a treat.

ConAgra's matching ingredients with batches

MaKeyMinecraft - making cardboard, tinfoil pickaxes, and shovels that children can physically use to control a game of Minecraft by touching the tinfoil to a control surface to do an action and stepping on a directional pad to move the character. Visual programming language Scratch running on a computer that is the size of a deck of cards.

MaKey Minecraft

Environscape model demonstrating what a watershed is, the effect that storm water runoff has, the impact of pollution, and what people can do to help prevent it.

Environscape model

Building Mini Lava Lamp - a demonstration of liquid density, the release of gases in a chemical reaction, acids and bases, and intermolecular polarity.

Mini Lava Lamp

Chemistry experiments - using a polymer that turns water into a solid, freezing flowers in liquid nitrogen and encouraging children to break them, demonstrating how ferrofluids flow in response to magnets, making flubber with the attendees, and demonstrating how xenon is a heavier gas than air.

chemistry experiment