2019 Dubuque Area Family STEM Festival


The Dubuque Area Family STEM Festival will occur Saturday, April 6, 2019 from 4:00 - 7:00 PM at Loras College in Dubuque. 

The festival is free and open to the public. The goals of the STEM festival are to promote, inspire and engage youth in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics activities and to introduce students and parents to STEM careers in the community.


Past exhibitors and their STEM activities


Organization STEM Activity 
Carnegie-Stout Public Library Explore your engineering skills with the Carnegie-Stout Public Library! Choose from a variety of construction materials (including LEGO® bricks, blocks, Strawbees, and more) and activate your imagination. Choose an engineering challenge or free-build--either way, you can create something totally amazing! While you build, learn about all of the fun STEM services the Carnegie-Stout Public Library offers.
Clarke University Students will interact with virtual reality with this hands on experience.  Students will learn about virtual reality and how to use it.  Students will use the Oculus Rift and Oculus Touch to interact with objects in a 3D virtual reality.
DCSD First Tech Challenge Team We plan on having a FTC Partial Field (12ft x 6ft) setup with working FTC robots. Students will be able to enjoy hands on control respective robot.
Dubuque Area SWE We will be making mini-motors that the kids can take home with them.  We will be using batteries, enamel coated copper wire, paper clips, foil, paper bowls, and ceramic magnets.  The kids will make the mini motor with our assistance and be able to see it spin when they are complete.
Dubuque County Farm Bureau Seed Germination Necklaces 
Materials Corn & Soybean seeds, soaked Jelly BeadsZ, or damp cotton balls
Jewelry sized resealable days, hole punched above the seal
Small plastic cups optional
Dubuque Metropolitan Area Solid Waste Agency This table will offer visitors the chance to learn where things go when they are thrown away. Visitors will test their knowledge on proper management of household discards.
Dubuque Police Department We will bring a squad car to show off.
Farmtek We will use Spaghetti and Marshmallows to have the kids create trusses demonstrating how different shapes create different strengths.
FIRST Robotics Team 171 We will have this years robot on display for kids to explore up-close and personal. We may also have our 3D printers running depending on a few factors.
Great Midwestern Educational Theatre I will use dice, markers, paper and templates so the kids can make a math monster. It's a simple activity, but very fun.
Green Iowa AmeriCorps

Students will construct their own mini solar car and use it to learn about solar energy. They will use the solar car kits to discover how the motor works, and uses/limits of solar panels. All materials will be provided by Fabulous Resources For Energy Education; Panther Educational Products at the University of Northern Iowa. 
Solar Car Kit Materials we will use can be found here:

Grout Museum District We will be bringing coffee filter butterflies as well as live Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches and a Rose Hair Tarantula. The children will get to decorate and create their own butterfly and view the live animals. We will tell them facts about the animals we have and fun facts about butterflies. This will target a variety of different age groups, especially those wanting to work with and study animals in the future. 
Materials: coffee filters, close pins, markers, water, live animals, facts sheet
Ideal Chiropractic Health Center We may scan necks (with parent consent) discuss and show spinal column along with nervous system. The activity will be building a spin with wagoon wheel pasta, gummy life savers and craft pipe cleaners. All the while explaining the connection the spin has to the entire body.
Iowa State University Extension and Outreach - Dubuque County We will show how catapults have advanced throughout the years.
John Deere Inspire Virtual Reality of John Deere Construction & Forestry machines.
Keystone AEA Planetarium Show
Keystone Area Education Agency A wide variety of robots from the Keystone AEA collection will be available for use by participants of all ages. They can drive the robots and learn about programming via free apps. The robots include the new Minion, Miposaur, and CoderMip. Join our exhibit for lots of fun.
Loras College We have not finalized our plans for this year but are thinking about using ozobots.
Loras College Math Program We will create modular origami with students using paper. We will also be playing and analyzing  strategy board games and card games with students.
Mazzuchelli Middle School-Holy Family Catholic Schools We have just purchased a new computer that provides a 3D experience for students.  Many students who will go to school to be surgeons will have an experience very similar to this.  They can dissect and view body parts.  Also architectural experiences and art innovations are involved too.
MIND Research Institute Students will get a chance to play activities from ST-Math and Math Fluency software programs.. Students will get to use IPad or computers to complete the program.  The activities will challenge students to think through different Math activities that challenge them to use math concepts to solve the various puzzles.  Ex. transformation Geometry: Rotation, Reflection and Translation.  Applicable for all ages, but focused on Pre-K through 8th grade.
National Mississippi River Museum & Aquarium Meet a couple live animal ambassadors from the National Mississippi River Museum & Aquarium up close!
Northeast Iowa Community College TBD
Northeast Iowa Community NursingMath-Medications-Nursing Calculate Math to apply to medication administration . Will have participants draw up colored water into non-needle syringes, after figuring out correct dose. May also apply to tablets to give in a med cup. Will show amount of sugar in different drinks (mountain dew, juices etc)
Paramount Ambulance We will have a simulated patient on a ventilator and ekg monitor. Kids will learn about all the technology we use in EMS and talk about the collaborations with EMS and Hospitals.
Starmont SunDevils Robotics Soda Straw Rockets activity participants will be given a template that creates a rocket that can be launched from a soda straw. They are then challenged to modify the design to see how the changes impact the rocket performance. Length, fin shape or angle can be changed–one variable at a time–to see how the rocket launch performs, and compares to the control design.
Sustainable Schools AmeriCorps We will have wind turbine kits for students to build and test, as well as hand-outs about wind energy. We will be using wind turbine kits and fans.
The Iowa Children's Museum

What you need:
popsicle sticks
fish line
variety of pretty paper
washi tape
Set up:
Make a buffet of supplies.
Make a zip line at a steep angle

What you do:
 Have kids design a vehicle to zoom down the zipline. Facilitate with open ended questions and the engineering cycle!

Unison Solutions, Inc. We will have a robot and various methods for the kids to remove 4 separate biogas "impurities". Our display will indicate as each impurity is removed. When all 4 are removed, a fan starts to indicate that energy has been produced. We also have a large poster that shows the entire process of making and removing biogas at either a landfill or wastewater treatment plant.
University of Dubuque Aviation & Aeronautics Students will try their hand at landing an airplane simulator at Dubuque Airport, and we will have a hands-on NASA activity along with a paper airplane contest.
University of Dubuque - Teacher Education Students will be chemists as they test pH of common substances using a Hibiscus Indicator. They will experience pHun Chemistry.
University of Dubuque Department of Natural and Applied Sciences and Physician Assistant Program The heart is an organ of the body, run by electricity that circulates blood throughout the body. Come by the University of Dubuque Physician Assistant Program and Department of Natural and Applied SciencesÂ’ booth to find out about how your ticker, ticks! Have your blood pressure taken using a sphygmomanometer, listen to your heart beat via stethoscopes, and discover the electrical activity in the heart using an electrocardiogram and a non-invasive pulse probe!
University of Dubuque, Chemistry Club The exhibit will be a really fun bubble activity! We will mix together corn syrup, dish soap and water and then the kids will be able to play with bubbles in their very own hands!
University of Dubuque/Computer Studies Demonstrating how to start out with very simple computers (microcontrollers) and easy programming to make the computer do something useful, such as detecting and displaying the temperature, driving a fan motor, or turning lights on and off automatically.
University of Wisconsin-Platteville- School of Education My STEM education class at UWP would like to engage students in various challenges making table bubbles  Making table bubbles allows students of all ages to test procedures, collect data and use measuring and math skills. The science of bubbles will be displayed but the main focus will be on testing procedures, data collection and 21st Century Skills.
Usborne Books & More Children will be introduced to the art of designing airplanes through paper airplane constructions. Discuss qualities that make airplanes fly well (such as shape, weight, wing span, etc.).
UW-Platteville College of Engineering, Mathematics and Science Engineers use creativity to solve problems that improve our world. Stop by to put your own creativity and problem-solving skills to the test with a fun engineering challenge!
Waterloo FRC Team 5837 Unity4Tech and FTC Team 7247 H2O Loo Bots We will have our 2017 - 2018 FTC Robot to demonstrate. 
We will bring a generic FTC robot for all to drive.
We will have our Taz 6 3D printer printing cool stuff.
We will have some computers and monitors demonstrating Creo 3D Cad Designs/Powerpoints/Videos
We will have our 2018 FRC Robot "PXL" to demonstrate and drive/operat